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New book out! Future-Human.Life

We are thrilled to have published Future-human.life – a project that helps you better understand human enhancement and the way it affects our everyday life. Play with the interactive tool and download our eBook!

Our Mission

The project’s main objective is to raise awareness and make Human enhancement topic accessible and easy-to-communicate to others within educational perspective. The challenge was to extend the debate beyond the academic circle while preserving the heart of the matter. The access is free and available in both desktop and mobile versions, which makes sharing the material even more easier.

Enjoy your journey through the augmented world !

What is in there for you?

Future-human.life project is a fun and interactive digest of 100 pages of scientific articles ! ​ You will find here:

  • A set of 9 illustrations and key quotes from each article
  • A user-friendly E-Book « Future-human.life » to download in pdf format to discover each article in details
  • An online tool with some educational material and a possibility to share the content you like with your friends and peers

For whom?

  • For all the curious non-expert people passionate about science and technology
  • For professors and teachers wishing to introduce and discuss these complexe topics in classroom
  • For associations, foundations and non-profit organizations whose mission is to inform and raise awareness on the current socio-ethical world challenges.
  • For specialized journalists, editors, writers and pressmen ​

The people behind this project

Future-human.life is a fruitful collaboration between Neohumanitas think tank members , authors from academic research field and multimedia artists. The project has been supported by a Graduate Campus Grant from the University of Zurich, as well as a grant from the University Research Priority Program for Ethics (UFSP).

Citation suggestion

Vincent Menuz, Johann A. R. Roduit, Daniel Roiz, Alexandre Erler, Natalia Stepanova (2017). Eds. Future-Human.Life. (Geneva: neohumanitas.org). ISSN 978-3-033-05676-3

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